Lola Lola
        a multi-media dance theatre comapny

Lola Lola Dance Theatre was formerly Odonata Dance Project from 2003 - 2009.

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Lola Lola Dance Theatre creates collaborative, interdisciplinary, often multi-media works of dance theatre and has been making performances for site-specific and traditional venues since 2003.  The company has performed extensively in New York City and has traveled throughout the United States.


Sacre Bleu! Or, Camembert 8 Euro at Chashama 266
266 W 37th St. (between 7th and 8th ave.)

Lola Lola will be in residence in Chashama's storefront window at 266 w. 37th Street.  Walk by and watch our performative process for however long you like! Join us for opening and closing receptions to ask questions and meet the performers.   

Opening Reception: Friday April 27th, 7pm - 9pm 
Closing Reception: Tuesday May 1st, 7pm - 9pm 

Window Activity:  
Friday 4/27: 2pm - 6pm 
Saturday 4/28: 11am - 5pm
Sunday 4/29: 11am - 5pm 
Monday 4/30: 11am - 5pm
Tuesday 5/1: 11am - 5pm  

Sacre Bleu! Or, Camembert 8 Euro is a provocative performance-as-research project that walks the line between dance theatre and performance art.  Sparked by a visit to Amsterdam's famous Red Light District and initially developed at Performing Arts Forum in St. Erme, France, the work examines the implications of putting the body on display and asks what it means to be looked at.  The performance-as-research process means that this work is rooted in questions we will explore and respond to through a series of site-specific performative experiments throughout 2012.    

Previous Sacre Bleu! Performance Experiments:
No. 1: Micro Museum 25th Anniversary, October 2011
No. 2: ShapeShifter Lab, March 2012
No. 3: Itinerant Performance Art Festival - Grace Exhibition Space, March 2012

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*These performances would not be possible without support from Chashama, National Endowment for the Arts, Micro Museum and Mark's Bookkeeping Services.  


The Site of Circumscription, or Trapped in a Miniature Clawfooted Bathtub at Triskelion Arts Comedy in Dance Festival, April 2012

The Performance Laboratory:
Detroit Contemporary

2012: Filet of Soul in collaboration with Nola Smith
2011: Clover in the Desert created and performed by Jessica Bonenfant

See video here. 

Secret Poets of the Crushed Shadows

See photos of the performance here.

Performed by: Jillian Hopper, Isabella Ingels, Julie Learned, Molly Ross & Nola Smith